This is a stabilizer which constantly monitors the output voltage and controls the variations in the input voltage by movements of a motor. This motor in turn selects the proper output voltage on the variable transformer (variac). This is probably the cheapest power-conditioning product available. It gives reasonably good voltage regulation and is all right where voltage fluctuations are not considerable. However it is not advisable to use it outside big cities where apart from considerable fluctuations in voltage, the power is full of frequency drifts, failures, noise and spikes. Use of Servo Stabilizer is the only way to control erratic supply voltage conditions. Servo Stabilizer can control all types of loads i.e. inductive, resistive, capacitive loads. Other voltage stabilizers viz. Constant Voltage Transformers or Static Voltage Stabilizers cannot be used in such applications. Servo Stabilizers are available from 1 KVA 1 ph. to 250 KVA 1 ph and 3 KVA 3 ph to 2000 KVA 3 ph. 3 ph. Servo Stabilizers can be for balanced or for unbalanced input voltages. Servo Stabilizer has four major components • Driver Unit • Motorized variable voltage auto transformer • Double-wound Buck Boost / Series transformer • Servo controlled sensing card (PCB) After determining Input voltage band and load of customer we design our servo stabilizer to take care of the minimum and maximum voltage fluctuations. While ordering servo stabilizer care should be taken to ensure that servo stabilizer capacity is 20% more than maximum load. In servo stabilizer determine output is determined voltage and the same is set by means of servo controlled sensing card (PCB). Whenever change in output voltage which occurs due to change in Input voltage, the servo controlled sensing card (PCB) gives signal to the motor fitted on variable voltage auto transformer to either increase or decrease the output voltage to achieve the predetermined output voltage.

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  • Project Year : 2013-2014
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