Optimal Transition Probability of Reversible Data Hiding for General Distortion Metrics and Its Applications

Recently, a recursive code construction (RCC) approaching the rate-distortion bound of reversible data hiding (RDH) was proposed. However, to estimate the ratedistortion bound or execute RCC, one should first estimate the optimal transition probability matrix (OTPM). By previous methods, OTPM can be effectively estimated only for some specific distortion metrics, such as square error distortion or L1-Norm. In this paper, we proposed a unified framework of estimating the OTPM for general distortion metrics, with which we can calculate the rate-distortion bound of RDH for general cases and extend RCC to improve state-of-the-art RDH schemes based on any distortion metrics.

  • Project Category : IEEE Projects
  • Project Year : 2015-2016
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  • Image Processing,
  • Technology
  • matlab,
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  • Coimbatore,

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