A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System

TEXTUAL passwords have been the most widely used authentication method for decades. Comprised of number sand upper- and lower-case letters, textual passwords are considered strong enough to resist against brute force attacks. However, a strong textual password is hard to memorize and recollect. Therefore, users tend to choose passwords that are either short or from the dictionary, rather than random alphanumeric strings. Various graphical password authentication schemes were developed to address the problems and weaknesses associated with textual passwords. Based on some studies such as those in , humans have a better ability to memorize images with long-term memory(LTM) than verbal representations. Image-based passwords were proved to be easier to recollect in several user studies As a result, users can set up a complex authentication password and are capable of recollecting it after a long time even if the memory is not activated periodically. The human actions such as choosing bad passwords for new accounts and inputting passwords in an insecure way for later logins are regarded as the weakest link in the authentication chain . Therefore, an authentication scheme should be designed to overcome these vulnerabilities. In this paper, we present a secure graphical authentication system named Pass Matrix that protects users from becoming victims of shoulder surfing attacks when inputting passwords in public through the usage of one-time login indicators. A login indicator is randomly generated for each pass-image and will be useless after the session terminates. The login indicator provides better security against shoulder surfing attacks, since users use a dynamic pointer to point out the position of their passwords rather than clicking on the password object directly.

  • Project Category : IEEE Projects
  • Project Year : 2016-2017
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